#216: Carpe Diem (English version)

As the weekend approaches my household members start hiding and they get quieter and quieter. If they "play dead", they may not have to participate in the activities I have planned for the weekend. Of course, it's a joke. There is no running away. Wherever I go, I try to provide enough activity for them,... Continue Reading →

#74: Which female runner you should hit on

With the popularization of running, the therm "we train together, we stay together" has definitely taken on a new dimension. The racing "platoons" that tread Maksimir and the river Sava embankments (Zagreb, Croatia) look more like scenes from the landing on Omaha beach in Normandy. Massive! I run Maksimir park and have the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

#57: Strong women

Growing up, most of my life with a single mother, I learned quite a bit about what the term strong woman means … my mother undoubtedly tried to clarify the concept of emancipation and the idea of "who has the last say". This, but also the whole bunch of things leading up to where I... Continue Reading →

Every now and then, someone approaches me with some sort of an issue... or at least it seems so to me at the time. However, I have a strong desire to help, to find the best solution, to motivate people to accomplish more then they thought they could. And for what I can see it,... Continue Reading →

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