Every now and then, someone approaches me with some sort of an issue… or at least it seems so to me at the time. However, I have a strong desire to help, to find the best solution, to motivate people to accomplish more then they thought they could. And for what I can see it, it has positive effect on some people.

Without any hidden motives – if my thought or reflections offer solutions and before all, motivate people to engage in physical activity (or activities) and awaken a dormant love for nature, my idea makes sense. This is a pure sharing of the experiences that I have gained and which I have witnessed that motivate and drive me.

I am trilled about running and cycling (hills and roads), crossfit, hiking, bouldering, skiing, rollerblading, ice skating, swimming, badminton, diving,… I just love sports and outdoor activities.

But above all, I love to be a “dad”. That is my favorite “activity and I gladly include my son in every activity I do, if it’s appropriate for him, because I think that any skill and knowledge will make him a better person.